What the Weck? It's a world of endless possibilities with Weck Jars.

What the Weck? It's a world of endless possibilities with Weck Jars.

23rd Aug 2020

Why Weck Jars?

Weck jars are taking over the world!! Okay no, but they are quickly growing in popularity and that THRILLS us, because it means less waste! So, we thought we would take a minute to talk about ways to use them and the value you get from a Weck jar so that you can see for yourself why they are so spectacular!

Let’s start off with what a Weck jar is: Weck is simply the brand name of a huge line of canning jars. They consist of four pieces: the jar, the lid, the rubber ring and the clamps. Written down, it seems pretty similar to the regular Mason jar that you are used to, but they do differ quite a bit, including looking very different. These German made beauties come in a huge variety of gorgeous shapes and sizes to fit all sorts of amazing uses for your home and life. The biggest difference is the lid. With Weck jars you get a gasket with clips that are (say it with us) REUSABLE glass lids! And with a mason jar, you have your standard jar that you need to purchase new lids for with every use. AND Weck jars are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. So yeah. They’re awesome.

So WHY spend the extra money on a Weck jar instead of a Mason jar? There are a ton of reasons, but we’ll break it down to just a few:

First, the shape options. With Weck jars, there are SO many shape options, cylindrical, deco, mold, juice and so many more, you aren’t regulated to one shape and two sizes, the options for your products are endless. Keeping juice fresh? Check. Keeping sugar and flour fresh? Check. Canning? Obviously check. The list goes on. Also, did we mention that each shape is more gorgeous than the last? Okay, enough about the shapes.

Second, ALL glass. That’s right, zero rusty metal residue for your canned goods and there is no plastic in contact with the food. In regular metal canning jars, there is a plastic coating that sits on the food and although most of those coatings are BPA free these days, they do still have chemicals in them. A ton of people switch to Weck jars because they want to be completely chemical free while canning.

Third, again, we say it loud, say it proud: REUSABLE! You can use them over and over again, without having to buy new lids. The only part of a Weck jar you may need to replace down the line is the rubber ring, as sometimes they may crack or dry out. Other than that, you are good to go. Forever! ;)

Fourth, the quality of glass. In a regular mason jar, they are a much thinner glass, once you hold a Weck jar in your hand you can notably see how thick and strong these suckers are! Your children’s children’s children are still going to have these babies.

Fifth, there are only three lid sizes: Small, medium, and large. Though the jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, one of those three lids is going to fit, which makes it super easy to grab and find the right one!

Sixth, they stack! (Say WHAT!?) This is one of the major advantages. The Weck Mold Jar line stacks so that you can see the jars when you store them. Mason jars don’t stack, you just have a huge lineup of jars, probably sitting under something else and a huge waste of space.

So how do you CAN in a Weck jar?

To can in a hot water bath method, simply follow your recipe instructions.

When the time comes to adding your preserves to the jars, simply place the rubber seals in boiling water for a few minutes to soften them up and prepare to seal.

Fill up your Weck jar with whatever you are canning and wipe the rim ensuring that it is clean to ensure a proper seal.

Place the rubber seal on the lid of the jar and then place the lid onto the jar, clicking the clamps into place.

Process these jars as you would regular canning jars and after allowing the jars to cool completely, remove your clamps and check for a good seal, then simply store them as you would normally.

What other uses are there for WECK jars other than canning?

1: They make a terribly cute “gift wrap”, for soup mixes, spa in a jar, homemade goodies, and so many things. Simply add your gift inside, wrap a cute ribbon around it and voila! A no waste, extra cute present!

2: Spices will be kept insanely fresh in these jars, and it makes for easy “pinching” a dash into your favorite dishes as well! Plus, with a Weck Acacia Wood Lid on top, those spices are going to be the prettiest thing in your kitchen!

3: Pack your lunch! From salads to soups, since there are so many size options and you can pop a Weck Keep Fresh Cover on easily, they make a great option to load up your lunch for the day and then toss them in the dishwasher when you get home.

4: Leftover storage without ever having to wash spaghetti sauce residue out of that plastic again! (Seriously, it’s zero fun) Obviously, we are not huge fans of plastic, so these glass jars are perfect to replace some of that Tupperware you are going to eventually have to pitch because it’s gotten too “gross”.

5: Flower vases and centerpieces! Because they are GORGEOUS! Seriously, they are just so pretty. So while you’re NOT using your Wreck Juice Jar for keeping your freshly squeezed OJ fresh, you can pop some pretty blooms into it and get more use out of it!

6: Plating! We adore a fancy dessert in a jar (or whatever it is someone is making us, because then we don’t have to cook) but also they make adorable glasses for water (Or wine! Yeah, we said it) Speaking of wine, pouring your dinner wine into the Weck Juice Jar 30 minutes before service will help aerate your wine, thus better tasting wine!

7: Make ahead breakfasts: Who doesn’t love an easier morning routine? You can make your own overnight oats and yogurt and granola cups in the Weck Tulip Jar, seal them and they are ready to grab and go in the morning!

8: Propagate those plants! Simply place the cutting on top of your Weck jar and you can watch those roots grow!

9: Juices: Who doesn’t love a freshly squeezed juice? However, without all those preservatives, it’s tricky to keep your juice fresh as long as possible, in comes the Weck Juice Jar! Again, you could use a plastic option, but these are prettier, longer lasting and no BPA (yay!).

10: Pantry storage, such as sugars, coffee, tea, flour, honestly anything you want to keep fresh! And the Weck Acacia Wood Lid keeps them air tight AND gorgeous as well if you want to store them on your countertop!

11: Make candles or place candles in them! The variety of sizes is super fun, but also with the thickness of the glass you never have to worry about your flame cracking or damaging while you enjoy a little candlelight!

12: Carry along glass of water. Not a fan of plastic water bottles, or prefer drinking from a lip not a spout, bring a Weck jar along on your next picnic or to work and enjoy a leak free “cup” of water.

13: DIY lotions or balms. We are a refillery, so if you don’t MAKE your own, we got you! ;) But if you do happen to make your own soaps or lotions, these make for great storage option to keep them fresh!

14: Storage of a different kind! Like buttons, change, sewing materials, q tips, dog treats, candies, bobby pins, honestly all of the little things you have scattered about your house, keep them secure and organized in cute jars!

15: Sourdough starter: Keep that baby fresh in a Weck jar and give it enough space to let is rise!

So there you have it! It’s a world of endless possibilities with Weck jars! And we hope that you find them as useful and long-lasting as we do! Anything that we can replace in our lives from plastic, the better off we ALL are. So next time you think about storage in your home, pop in and grab a Weck jar or order some online! We know you are going to love them and find multiple uses for them, so let us know how you are using your Weck jar, we love to see pictures and hear how they are so versatile!