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Scouring bacteria colonies off your exposed mouth muscle with your bare hands (and our 100% pure copper tongue scraper) is so metal. 

You’re going to see some mad oral healthcare gains when you exercise this simple tool. Tongue scraping is a quick and dirty habit that yields major results. Breath so fresh, you’ll have Kool & The Gang knocking at your door. Our tongue scraper can also be used as an armpit scraper! It will help remover product build up and bacteria. 


To use on your tongue:

  • Hold the loops.
  • Position the flat, rounded piece at the back of your tongue (watch out for your uvula - she’s sensitive!).
  • Apply gentle pressure and pull towards your teeth.
  • Rinse out collected gunk and repeat until clean!


To use on your armpits:

  • Hold the handles and gently but firmly glide the top of your armpit in a downwards motion with the upside down horseshoe shaped tool. Repeat this motion a few times.