Om Organics Blue Azul After Sun Mist

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This refreshing and restorative mist soothes and rehydrates skin that’s been over-exposed to heat or wind. We use aloe vera, peppermint water and coconut water to give your body a cool and replenishing drink. Toss it easily into your beach bag. It’s great for both face and body, and kids love it!

Skin Concerns: Reduces Redness , Improves Hydration , Repairs Skin

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera Juice: Lightweight, skin soothing and hydrating

Coconut Water: Excellent for instantly re-hydrating the skin and providing a fresh glow.

Peppermint Water: Provides a gentle cooling sensation (a major relief for over-exposed skin)

100% Organic

105mL (3.7 oz)