Zulay Kitchen Dishwasher Clean Dirty Magnet

Zulay Kitchen
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SIMPLE DISHWASHER STATUS INDICATOR With several members in the family, it’s hard to tell if the dishes in the washer are clean or dirty unless you open, examine, or smell them yourself. Say goodbye to the guesswork with the Zulay Kitchen Dishwasher Magnet made with high-quality acrylic and sleek frames that suit any contemporary kitchen. It’s small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to be seen at one glance.

NO FUSS, NO MUSS ATTACHMENT OPTION With the idea in mind that not everyone has a metal washer door, this indicator also includes two attachment options that are thoughtfully designed for compatibility at any dishwasher. The package includes two-sided adhesive tapes (for non-magnetic dishwashers) and a full-size soft magnet covered with soft silica to protect your dishwasher from scratching.

Made in China