Zulay Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop

Zulay Kitchen

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An ice cream scooper that will last you a lifetime. Made with BPA Free top grade heavy duty 304 stainless steel with a straightforward design that looks professional, modern and has a solid feel to it. Perfect for carving into hard and frozen ice cream right from the freezer without it bending or breaking.

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ICE CREAM Thoughtfully designed chisel-shaped tip that lets you dig easily into ice cream no matter how frozen it is. Its flat side edges lets you scoop up the sides, corners, and bottom of the ice cream container to get the most out of it.

COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE This top-quality scoop is a must-have if you love ice cream. Constructed with a thick and non-slip soft handle that won’t freeze or make your hands cold as it cuts through the ice cream effortlessly without straining your hands and wrist.

Made in China