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Tangles, and knots, and snarls... oh, my! Uniquely formulated to support a variety of hair challenges for kids of all ages, our gentle. Easy-lathering shampoo bar combines cleansing and strengthening power from Kaolin clay and calendula extract. Paired with our ultra-detangling conditioner bar, effortlessly tackle static & breakage, leaving only soft, smooth tresses. Boasting a unique triple threat oil blend with Abyssinian seed, broccoli seed, and tamanu; hair is nourished and tangle-free! The conditioner can also be pulled through the hair after towel-drying to further release any remaining tangles prior to combing. 

PSA: parents, these bars might mysteriously make their way into your shower (yes, they're that good), trust us!

Best For: kids, detangling, fine hair
Scent: bubblegum (ylang ylang, pink grapefruit + eucalyptus)